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Administrative Law ENV5105

The goal of Administrative Law is to provide students with a working knowledge of the general principles of administrative law, a general knowledge of the workings of bureaucratic institutions, and an understanding of the critiques of government.

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AJD Textbooks - YEAR 1

Students taking the accelerated JD program will need the following books for their summer courses.

AJD Textbooks - YEAR 2

Alternative Fuels & Renewable Energy ENV5344

Students in this course will explore the emerging field of renewable and alternative energy supplies. With an eye toward the impacts of climate change on both natural systems and the possible interference climate change may wreck on current energy production.  

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Appellate Advocacy

Taught by Greg Johnson


REQ7255/APPELLATE ADVOCACY Second-year students study a case pending before the United States Supreme Court, research selected issues, write an extensive appellate brief, and present oral arguments before a panel of judges. Classes focus on the appellate process, complex research and analysis, preparation of briefs, critical writing skills, and oral argument.

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Bar Exam Skills & Tactics ("BEST") is a three-credit course designed to provide students with the analytical, test-taking, writing, and study skills that are critical to students' success on the bar exam.

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MELP Externships are designed to give students first-hand field experience in the environmental area. The best experiences integrate legal, scientific, policy, and ethical issues. Non-profit groups; international, federal, state and local government agencies; law firms, and consulting firms are among the many organizations from all over the world to sponsor MELP externships.




Climate Change Adaptation in Human Systems
Impacts of climate change on human systems - infrastructure, property, and possessions - poses both a challenge to law, and an illustration of how the law and legal institutions evolve in response to major social changes.

Climate Change and the Law ENV5212

This class will provide a basic introduction to the science and economics of climate change, as well as the emerging laws and policies intended to control GHGs.

Climate Change Mitigation ENV5214

This class will draw upon the material from the introductory class and delve more deeply into the legal, political and scientific issues. 

Climate Change, Extinction and Adaptation ENV5336

In this course, students examine the ecological, social and ethical consequences of climate change impacts on the natural world.



Communications, Advocacy & Leadership ENV5122

A successful environmental professional needs to possess the ability to advocate, counsel, investigate, persuade, research, and educate. This course will develop those skills through various writing and oral advocacy projects. The class will focus extensively on the craft of writing well.


Taught by David Firestone

This course examines in detail the requisite elements of a valid contract, while analyzing the effects of contracts on third parties and the impact of outside forces on contracting parties.

Professor David Firestone is an expert in environmental law, contracts, and international and comparative environmental law.


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Energy Law & Policy ENV5226

The energy industry is both a key to the life that billions seek and America's most significant source of pollution. This course examines key issues in American energy policy, and searches for ways to resolve or ease the strains, which that policy puts upon environmental sustainability.

Energy Regulation & The Environment ENV5228

Builds on the course Energy Law & Policy in a Carbon-Constrained World by exposing students to the legal, economic and structural issues involved in energy regulation and energy markets focusing on electricity. 

Environmental Dispute Resolution ADR6415

This course explores the characteristics of environmental disputes, examines alternative dispute resolution processes (including mediation, arbitration, negotiated rulemaking, and facilitation).

Environmental Economics & Markets ENV5220

This course develops a student’s capacity to evaluate natural resource management and pollution challenges through the lens of economics. Economics is a social science that seeks to explain how individuals and groups address the scarcity challenge—too few available resources to meet unlimited wants.

Environmental Law ENV5115

This course is an introduction to the law of pollution control, management of hazardous materials, and preservation of natural resources, with a particular emphasis on major federal environmental statutes, including the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Superfund.


Taught by Stephanie Wilbanks

Professor Stephanie J. Willbanks is an expert in federal transfer taxation, income taxation, probate, intestacy, wills and trusts. The courses she has taught at Vermont Law School include Business Taxation, Estate and Gift Taxation, Estate Planning, Estates, Income Taxation, Tax Policy, and Torts. She is the author of "Federal Taxation of Wealth Transfers: Cases and Problems" as well as "Federal Estate and Gift Taxation: Quick Review."

FAM7710/ESTATES. This course examines the statutory and judicial rules governing the gratuitous transfer of property. This includes transfers by gift, intestate succession, wills, trusts, and other non-probate mechanisms. Topics include the nature of inheritance; statutes of descent and distribution (intestacy); wills formalities (execution, revocation, mental capacity, and undue influence); interpretation of wills; the protection of the family (spousal elective share, omitted spouse rules, and omitted children rules); the creation of trusts; rights of trust beneficiaries and their creditors; charitable trusts; modification and termination of trusts; fiduciary duties; powers of appointment; and future interests. Class discussion focuses on problems designed to explore statutory and judicial rules, policy and theory, and practical implications.


Evidence, taught by Deborah Young

Professor Young has taught at Cumberland School of Law since 1997. Previously, she taught at Emory University School of Law, served as an assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, and was a clerk to Judge Thomas A. Clark of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. She is coauthor of Federal Sentencing Law and Practice (West Publishing) and an expert on Federal Rules of Evidence, criminal procedure, and trial advocacy. Professor Young earned her BA degree from the University of Kentucky and her JD degree from the University of Michigan Law School. This course surveys the Federal Rules of Evidence. Among important topics considered are relevance, prejudice, competency, hearsay, opinion, impeachment, and privilege. The course utilizes problems for discussion rather than cases. Students will have problems to complete for each class and a workbook to help master that material.

Evidence LIT7210

Our distinct online Evidence offering also focuses on the preparation of a bar review study guide for Evidence.  Each module of the course helps students build an understanding of Evidence in theory and practice while creating a helpful bar study aid that is both visual and practical.  

Federal Regulation of Food & Ag ENV5411

No required texts.

This course provides an overview of the U.S. Farm Bill and other federal laws that impact growing policy, animal husbandry, and food production. Students will examine federal farm and agriculture law with specific emphasis on the Farm Bill and its myriad of agriculture, nutrition and environmental programs. This course will explore the ways in which the Farm Bill, the single largest funding source for everything from childhood nutrition to land trust acquisition.

First Amendment Law PUB7500

First Amendment Law covers the core issues of First Amendment law: free speech, free press, free exercise of religion, the establishment clause, and freedom of association. 



This course addresses the legal landscape of global hunger, and the ways in which climate change, population growth and economic inequality intersect with food security law and policy challenges. First, we’ll address how “food security” and “hunger” are defined and measured for policy-making purposes.

Approved for Master’s credit only.


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Intro to Law & Policy of Agriculture, Food & Env ENV5108

Introduction to the Law and Policy of Agriculture, Food and the Environment This survey course brings together American law impacting agriculture and food and explores the traditional divisions between agriculture, food, and environmental regulation.







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Law & Policy of Local Food Systems ENV5479

This course explores state and local policies that impact distribution of food, restaurant regulation, and comparisons of state-level initiatives to bolster local food markets. Students will be exposed to specific skills for small and mid-size producers and entrepreneurs working in the agricultural and food industries. Finally, students will examine the state and local food laws and emerging entrepreneurial trends in food production. 



Taught by Cynthia Lewis

This course provides an introduction to legislation and regulation and the role each plays in the administrative state.   You will learn to navigate modern U.S. government institutions and processes, with a particular emphasis on understanding the methods and scope of authority of the different branches and levels of government.  Your study begins with legislation and includes: the legislative process; statutory text and purpose; theories of statutory interpretation; and canons of statutory construction.  You will examine the constitutional framework defining the relationship between Congress, regulatory agencies, and the President.

Legal Research

Taught by Christine Ryan

Introduction to legal research tools and strategies relevant for law school as well as legal practice. Topics include legal authority, the use of primary and secondary sources, effective use of LexisNexis, Westlaw, and other electronic databases, and the role of the Internet in legal research. Emphasis is placed on appropriate and effective research strategies and evaluation of sources, both print and electronic.




Legal Writing

Taught by Joe Brennan

An introduction to the three fundamental skills needed for the pursuit of a legal career: research, reasoning, and writing. The early emphasis is on basic writing skills to eliminate language problems and to begin to develop clear, fluid writing. Students also learn rudimentary legal writing skills, including citing, identifying legally significant facts, formulating issues, and reasoning by analogy.


Legislation & Regulation Survey REQ7186

This course will provide students an introduction to the legislative process, regulatory agencies, and agency law-making. Students will learn to navigate modern U.S. government institutions and processes, with a particular emphasis on the legislative process and the administrative state.

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LLM Seminar LLM9606

This seminar ranges widely over environmental law and policy, exploring diverse advanced topics and viewpoints, and entailing vigorous discussion of the leading environmental law and policy issues of our day. Each student will also complete a mini-thesis in which they will develop their own analysis perspective or solution to a problem in environmental law and policy. THERE ARE NO REQUIRED TEXTS FOR THIS COURSE. CLICK FOR ONE BOOK RECOMMENDED ONLY.

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Native Americans & the Law DIV7620

This course will focus on the constitutional, statutory and jurisprudential rules that make up the field of Federal Indian Law. Attention will be given to the historical framework from which the rules were derived. After tracing the development of the underlying legal doctrines which are prominent today, we will consider subject-specific areas of Indian Law like hunting and fishing rights, stewardship of natural resources, economic development (including tribal gaming and natural resource development) and protection of religion and cultural lifestyles.

Natural Resources Law ENV5235

One third of the nation's land base belongs to the American public and is managed by the United States Forest Service and agencies of the Department of the Interior. Through this course students will examine the statutes and regulations governing the management of the federal lands and their resources.

Oil and Gas Development ENV5469

This course reviews oil and gas regulation, both up and down stream, in the United States and around the world. With an eye toward the hot issue of the day – Fracking, the proposed natural gas pipeline through, Middle East oil reserves and trade, and so forth – this course gives students a clearer understanding of the legal regime that makes the oil and gas exploration, extraction, refining, distribution and sale markets work around the world. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE ANY WRITTEN MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE - THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE COURSE SITE.

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Professional Responsibility



RSJ7120 Restorative Justice

This course covers the evolving definitions and history of restorative justice and related regulatory and relationial practices and approaches.  Students will consider the ways concepts and debates in restorative justice are evolving and being used to tackle some of society's most challanging problems.

Science for Environmental Law ENV5112

This is an integrative science that can provide insight into many contemporary environmental problems. Through visits to a variety of field sites in central Vermont, readings, and lectures, this course will explore the principles of ecology using a hands-on approach.










Taught by Joan Vogel

This course presents the study of the legal protection afforded against interference by others with the security of one's person, property, or intangible interests.








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Contracts by Fuller & Eisenberg, 9th Edition

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Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere 5E

Environmental Law for Non-Lawyers 5th edition

Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy • 8TH

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Legislation and the Regulatory State 2nd edition

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Peacemaking Circles: From Conflict to Community

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Werhan's Principles of Administrative Law 2nd Edition

Wills, Trusts & Estates, 10th edition

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Environmental Law Statutory and Case Supplement 18-19

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National Defense and the Environment

Returning to the Teachings: Exploring Aboriginal Justice

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The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

The Reality of Carbon Taxes

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Changing Lenses: Restorative Justice for our Times: 25th anniversary

Environmental Law and Policy • 2010

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Environmental Law and Policy • 4th

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Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach

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American Indian Law, 7th Edition

American Indians and the Law

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Clearing the Last Hurdle

Climate Change and the Law and Climate Mitigation

Climate Change Law & Policy ENV5214

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Communicating Nature

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Constitutional Law 5th edition USED

Contract Law: Selected Source Materials 2017 Edition

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Effective Appellate Advocacy 5th Edition

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Energy, Economics and the Environment, 3E

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Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, 10th edition

Environmental Economics: A Critique of Benefit-Cost

Essentials of Environmental Science, 2nd Edition

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Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law 4e

Everyday Environmentalism

Evidence Treatise Series, 5th Edition

Evidence Under the Rules, 8th Edition

Federal Public Land and Resource 7th

Federal Rules of Evidence 2017

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Fundamentals of Energy Regulation, 2e

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Making of Environmental Law • 2004

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The Art of Commenting, 2e

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The Law of Adaptation to Climate Change

The Legislative Process, Statutory Interpretation & Administrative

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Tort Law and Practice, 5th Edition

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Wetland, Woodland, Wildland: A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont

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