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Hello from Barrister's Book Shop. Term Three Hours are 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday. 




Barrister’s Bookshop is a student-run non-profit specializing in new and used books, office supplies, clothing, diploma frames, and all the VLGS swag you need to show your school spirit. We have been in business for over 50 years!

In addition to all your purchasing needs, Barrister’s Bookshop has employment opportunities for students with work-study financial aid. There is also an opportunity for students to be on our board of directors which is comprised of three students from each year of the JD program. Every year our board of directors selects fellowship recipients working public interest internships during the summer.

Sell Your Used Books

When you sell your used books through Barrister’s Bookshop, you will receive 80% of the price it is sold for. We accept current editions of all books for your classes here at Vermont Law & Graduate School. This way of selling books on consignment helps you get the most money back for your books, as well as helping incoming Swans get their text books for a fair price and keeps the money within our community. 



Barrister’s has a warm and cozy atmosphere which is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while chatting with friends or catching up on your studies. We have open mic nights as well as local author book signings, arts and crafts, game nights, and other fun events. Barrister’s is pleased to welcome various student groups holding events in our space which is perfect for discussions as well as presentations. 


Enjoy delicious coffees and teas made by our fabulous baristas, we have both espresso and drip coffees as well as a wide variety of teas. Our full service espresso bar serves up everything from lattes and cappuccinos to macchiatos and mochaccinos. We have both dairy and non-dairy milk options with no up-charge and compostable to go cups and straws. Bringing your own mug saves the environment as well as  25 cents! For those who are not coffee drinkers and want something cold in the summer, we have iced green tea and Italian sodas made with our large selection of flavored syrups. Cold brew coffee is available all summer long for a deliciously smooth iced coffee experience. 

Sell Your Used Books

Do you have books from this year that you'd like to sell? Barrister's wants them!  We accept all current editions of books used here at VLGS.  Bring them to the store during business hours. We will sell them for you and mail you a check or put in your school mailbox. Not local? No problem, just mail them to us at the address on our Contact Us page.

Guest Checkout

You do not need to log in to use this site. You may want to create an account if you plan to purchase items frequently, or if you'd like to check on the progress of your order. Registering merely saves your address and login information in our database; we do not save your credit card information nor do we sell or give away your contact information.