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1000 Days to the Bar-But the Practice of Law Starts Now

1000 Days to the Bar explains the relationship between the professional practice of law and the practice you need to perform each week to achieve your objectives. This unique guide is designed to empower first-year law students by presenting the components for academic success in a step-by-step format that lays out a practice-centered approach to legal studies. In this book you will discover how to:

- Read and brief court opinions
- Take and transform class notes into course summaries, outlines and flow charts.
- Learn essential elements of the law "by heart."
- Gain fluency in the "language of the law."

Special supplements include:
- Study tips from law school professors and academic support professionals.
- Detailed descriptions of many of the most popular commercial study aids.
- Time management details and time allocation methods, including creation of a personal Flexible Time Resource Allocation Chart.
- Guidelines for powerful, effective study groups.
- Instructions for preparing a practical and efficient law study environment.