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1L Semester One Book Box

Includes ALL the books you need for your first semester of law school at VLS in a tidy little package!

-Civil Procedure I (both sections: textbook and supplement)

-Torts (both sections: textbook)

-Legislation and Regulation (Professor Rosenbloom and Beyranevand: textbook)

-Contracts (Professor Brennan: textbook) (Professor Firestone: textbook and supplement)

-Legal Writing (both sections: two books)

-Legal Research (both sections: none)

Each section requires specific books. Go on campusweb.vermontlaw.edu to verify which professors you have for Leg/Reg and Contracts. You can find this information by first logging in using your VLS email and password, then click Registration on the top of the page, then click My Course Schedule found on the left side of the page. 

We offer new and used books. Used books will have writing and highlighting throughout the book. This does not interfere with the content of the book and most students find the additional notes from previous students helpful. Our used book program allows students to sell back their used books to slightly reduce the amount of capital that goes into law school books. You too can sell back your books at the end of each semester to Barrister's and receive some cash to buy more books next semester.

This neat box comes with some free goodies as well! You will receive a lip balm, portable handsanitizer, lanyard, and notebook (while supplies last)!