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The Glannon Guide to Constitutional Law

SKU: 9781454898023

Glannon Guides can help you better understand your classroom lecture with straightforward explanations of tough concepts with hypos that help you understand their application.

The Glannon Guide is your proven partner throughout the semester when you need a supplement to (or substitute for) classroom lecture. Here's why you need to use Glannon Guides to help you better understand what is being taught in the classroom: 

  • It mirrors the classroom experience by teaching through explanation, interspersed with hypotheticals to illustrate application.
  • Both correct and incorrect answers are explained; you learn why a solution does or does not work.
    Glannon Guides provide straightforward explanations of complex legal concepts, often in a humorous style that makes material stick.

The Glannon Guide to Constitutional Law: Powers and Liberties offers a powerful combination of well-written explanations, multiple-choice questions, and analyses. Brannon P. Denning presents a clear and thoughtful overview of the constitutional doctrines that govern the structure and powers granted in the U.S. Constitution, as well as those that protect individual rights and liberties. Accessible and interactive, the Glannon Guide series pedagogy teaches you to effectively answer exam questions as you review course content.