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Cross Examination: Science and Techniques 3rd - Recommended

SKU: 9781632843913


Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Third Edition is an extensive revision and reorganization of Pozner and Dodd s classic work, written to meet the needs of today s trial attorneys. Pozner and Dodd s signature techniques and methodologies, which have brought them acclaim as the nation s leading experts on cross-examination, are illustrated with numerous new examples added specifically for the Third Edition. The authors provide their best-ever coverage of the chapter method of cross-examination with additional excerpts to illustrate various trial scenarios.  New content also includes Chapter 6 on Cross Preparation Systems: Sourcing the Facts, giving you the tools to immediately inform a witness, and the court, what electronic or paper document you are using and exactly where in the document is the material upon which you are questioning.  As always, the authors, who have lectured on cross-examination to thousands of attorneys worldwide, guide you to successful trial outcomes with a conversational, engaging, and easy-to-read writing style.