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Economic Principles: A Primer - REQUIRED

ISBN: 9781945628238

Required Text

An understanding of economic principles is essential to sustainable decision-making. This text provides a foundation in economics where concepts are presented in a tangible, clear and relevant manner, making economics accessible and the sustainable rational agent an attainable reality for the twenty-first century.

Economic Principles: A Primer (3rd edition) evaluates the assumptions of economic principles incorporated within economic models of 19th and 20th century, and provides readers with an understanding of the relationship between prevailing social values, behaviors and eventual economic outcomes. Through promoting an understanding of the relationship between stakeholders and sustainability, the text defines through economic principles, the responsibility that all economic agents potentially bear in the depletion, exploitation and degradation of resources. With narratives that foster active discussion, the text is a catalyst for integrating sustainability thinking within economics and is an essential tool for promoting an integrated sustainability curriculum throughout an educational system.